Biography :

Portrait Anne Vada

Anne Vada is described as one of the best female voices in Norway.

Her music has touched many people around the world.

Anne started to entertain at the age of five, and since then she had plans as well as ambitions to be a singer. She is a crossover artist, and no musis is strange to her. Norwegian folk tunes, ballads and musical tunes are being performed with passion and intensity. She also writes har own lyrics and music.

With her rich and varied repertoire she has taken part in several albums with other musicians. She has released six solo albums so far.

She has graduated from The State Academy of Music.

Her musical talent came to use when she played the part as Maria in "The Gospel of the Christmas Day" in The Norwegian Theatre in Oslo, and she also had the leading female part in the musical "Adam".

Vada prefers to perform in concerthalls, clubs, churches and at private arrangements, together with own her pianist or band.

Her collaborators includes among others Rolf Løvland (Secret Garden), Sigmund Groven (harmonica), Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT), Alexander Rybak (violin).

Anne has held a number of concerts, both in Norway and abroad. Besides touring in her own country, she has been singing in Italy, Spain, Japan, Kroatia, France, England, Scotland and the USA.

In 1996 Vada was invited as a guest artist at a big event in Paris together with Natalie Cole. In 1996 she sang at a showcase after the "Grammy Hit Awards" in Los Angeles.

Anne Vada is an adventure, both for the ear and the eye, and the soul.

"Music must be felt by the heart. I want to invite you into my musical landscape in different colours and moods."

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