«Streams of love»

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BigBox 2023

  1. Dona Nobis Pacem
  2. Havet
  3. Streams of love
  4. Pie Jesu
  5. Eg veit i himmerik ei borg
  6. Gylden stjerne
  7. Gabriellas sang
  8. Hellig sted
  9. Ustanselig
  10. The Blessing
  11. Courtyard Lullaby
  12. Kyrie
  13. Our Father
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Musikk: Rolf L°vland Tekst: Rolf L°vland/ Anne Vada

Fill my cup of emptiness
still my yearning thirst
Embrace me with your sweet caress
and love, I knew at first
Open up the gates once more
flood my world in light
Lead me to a sacred shore
like a beacon in the night
Streams of love
will carry me
Streams of love
will flow
Guide me with all stars alight
as aimlessly I roam
Let this journey end tonight
and bring me safely home
Take me to the banks of Eden
where the rivers flow
Sit me down in pastures green
where a thousand flowers grow
Streams of love ...
Lay me down in linen white
soothe my weary soul
Let me dream of you tonight
and sleep in fields of gold 

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